In the High Country DVD Available

Download available at


NTSC format
Region 0
Runtime: 35 min

In the High Country is am impressionistic
mountain running film, the result of a year-long
collaboration between filmmaker Joel Wolpert and
mountain runner Anton Krupicka. 

DVD extras include:
• Interviews with Anton and Ronnie Krupicka
• More from Alexander’s Chimney
• Outtakes
• Official teaser
• English, French, German and Spanish subtitles

Limit our plastic — that means no plastic insert, no polywrap. The only plastic involved is the polycarbonate of the DVD which we hope you’ll want to keep around for a long time. We are not sellers by nature, but we’re thrilled that you’re interested in this film. In the High Country started as a personal project. It was simply a film we wanted to make. There were no commercial aspirations. As it turns out, the film we wanted to make was the film that many of you would like to watch. So here we are putting it out there. We are not a packing and shipping facility. But we will do our best to ship your order in a timely fashion. Please have patience and only contact us if you truly feel forgotten! Retailers: For retail inquiries, please contact us HERE.

18 thoughts on “In the High Country DVD Available

  1. Hi guys!

    Thanks for an awsome film and collaboration between you to!
    Just wondering, do you do international shipings of the DVD?
    /Finnish man living in Norway.

  2. I just wanted to say thanks for allowing the video to be shown in Montrose, CO last week. Things like this have really helped bring our small community together and show new transplants there are a growing group of young active people here. Everyone seemed to love the film and I know more than a couple people will be getting copies for Xmas this year. Thanks again

  3. Hi,

    Awesome film which I’ve had in digital format since release. Just found out about the extras and outtakes on the DVD. Will these be made available online at any point?
    Thank you.

  4. Je viens d’acheter la version téléchargeable pour 15 dollars : magnifiques ambiances, mais je suis déçue car pas de traduction en français, je croyais pourtant que c’était prévu.
    Que proposez-vous ?
    Merci pour votre réponse.

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